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German Menu



—  Knodel $5 —

—  Käsespaetzle $5.5 —
Made to order, a crock of bubbling cheese spaetzle with swiss cheese

—  Kartoffelpuffer  $6 —
Three potato & onion pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce


—  Bier und Käse Crock  $5 —
Weiss bier soup with cheddar cheese and bacon, topped with pretzel nuggets


*Gurken Salat   $5 —
Thinly shaved seedless cucumbers tossed
with sour cream, lemon juice, and red onions

—  *Rolf’s Kartoffelsalat   $5 —




Rolf’s Schnitzel  $18 (Pork)
—  Wiener (Veal) $23    —   Chicken $16.5      —
Tender breaded cutlet lightly browned, served with spaetzle topped with gravy, red cabbage, and lingonberry preserves on the side
(a la Holstein for $1.50) One Egg Sunny Side up

—  Jagerschnitzel und Pommes   $18 —
Pan seared pork cutlet topped with rich mushroom gravy, served with fries & red cabbage

—  Wurst   $14/$9.5  Lunch Portion —
Grilled weisswurst and bratwurst topped with gravy, served with whipped potatoes and sauerkraut

—  Sauerbraten   $18/$11 Lunch Portion —
Slow braised red wine vinegar marinated chuck roast sliced and topped with lightly sweetened gravy, Served with spaetzle and red cabbage

—  Kassler   $17/$11 Lunch (One Chop) —
Two lightly smoked bone-in pork chops grilled, topped with gravy, served with red bliss mashed potatoes and sauerkraut

—  Rouladen   $17/$11 Lunch (One Piece) —
Two braised beef rounds stuffed with bacon, caramelized onions, sautéed carrots, pickles, and mustard, served with spaetzle and red cabbage

Goulash   $16/$11 Lunch Portion —
Slow braised top round stew with Bavarian accents, served over sautéed spaetzle and red cabbage