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If your interested in having Rolf's Restaurant and Pub cater your next party the following are the prices of our Oktoberfest Catering menu. Besides for specializing in authentic German cuisine we also can cater your party with our wide variety of delicious American cuisine that we serve on our regular menu and on our banquet buffet menu. Give us a call today at 908-754-5500 or email us at rolfsrestaurantnj@gmail.com for any questions. If there's a special request food you'd like just ask because our amazing chefs can do almost anything you desire!

German - Oktoberfest Catering Menu

Served in Oven Ready Trays, prices are for Pick up Hot or Cold. On Delivered Trays (When Available) Add 15% Fee Plus Delivery Fee. A Good Rule of Thumb When Deciding How Much Food to Order is a Pound of Hot Food Per person


H A U P T G E R I C H T / E N T R E E S

                                                                                                                  Small  5 lbs.     Large 10 lbs.                                                                                                          

Wienerschnitzel (Veal)      $110.95        $210.95

Jagerschnitzel (Pork)      $69.95          $129.95

Rolf’s Schnitzel (Pork)     $69.95          $129.95

Chicken Schnitzel            $64.95          $119.95

Rouladen                             $84.95          $159.95

Sauerbraten                         $84.95          $159.95

Goulash                                 $79.95          $144.95

The Smörgåsbord                 $75.95          $139.95

Wurst (Brat or Weiss)            $75.95          $139.95

Beef Stroganoff                    $79.95          $144.95

     (Split Trays Available Upon Request)


S A L A T S, UND S E I T E N / S A L A D S, & S I D E S

                              Small 5 lbs.    Large 10 lbs.                    

Kartoffelsalat (Potato Salad)  $24.95    $39.95

Gurken Salat (Cucumber Salad)  $24.95     $39.95

Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Pancake) $29.95    $44.95

Kasespaetzle (Spaetzle with cheese) $34.95 $59.95

Spaetzle (with gravy)          $24.95            $39.95

Braised Red Cabbage        $24.95            $39.95  

Sauerkraut                 $28.95            $39.95 

Knodel                  $1.50 per piece

Sauerkruat Balls             $1.50 per piece

Imported German Pretzel (Served with our house mustards)    Small  $ 2.25 ea      Jumbo  $ 8.50 ea 

    Dinner Rolls & Butter         $4.99 per dozen           

S P E I S E / D E S S E R T S

Strudel (8-10 people)                         $32.00

Black Forrest Cake (12-16 people)     $44.00

German Chocolate Cake (12-16 people)   $44.00

German Wave Cake (12-16 people)          $44.00


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Where it's Oktoberfest 365 days a year!